Behaviors Prohibited by URLS

Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  •  Acting as if under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs of any type is prohibited in all facilities of the University of Rwanda Libraries.
  •  Smoking, and use of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and similar devices, is not permitted in any library or within a 20-foot radius of all library entrances, doors and windows,   and air intakes.
  •  Reservation of seats is not permitted. The library staff shall remove books and other articles left for 30 minutes on chairs and tables.
  •  Threatening, intimidating and disruptive behavior that interferes with normal use of the library, such as abusive language,  threats of violence, fighting, hostile behavior or any other type of harassment to a user or library staff is not allowed.
  •  Use of library space for prolonged or habitual sleeping or as living quarters is not allowed.
  •  Use of restroom facilities for purposes other than which they are intended is prohibited.
  •  Posing a sanitary, health, or safety risk others, including offensive body odor is prohibited.
  •  Engaging in sexual harassment or overt sexual behavior is prohibited.
  •  Asking to use a staff telephone or requesting supplies such as paper, envelopes, paper clips, rubber bands, writing implements is not allowed.
  • Theft and intentional mutilation of library collections, equipment, and/or facilities is prohibited and will lead to prosecution.