Computer use

Computers are made available to URLS users for purposes of research, instruction, and learning.  Consequently, users are expected to use computers in an effective, efficient, appropriate and ethical manner. The use of computers is governed by UR policies including “Policies for use of UR computing facilities.”  Unacceptable computer use include, but is not limited to:

  1. Viewing and printing material from the Internet that a reasonable person would consider objectionable such as sexually explicit or violently explicit pictures, movies, and/or videos which may create a hostile environment for other library users and employees.
  2. Any use that violates copyrights, patent protections, or license agreements, including  unauthorized copying of software, downloading and using pirated software, systematically downloading or printing entire journal issues or volumes or large portions of electronic resources.
  3. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to information systems
  4. Running programs that attempt to calculate or guess passwords, or that are designed to trick other users into disclosing their passwords, or intercepting or monitoring network communications that are not intended for you.
  5. Viewing, printing, and distributing pornographic material.
  6. Tampering with library computers, including removing or replacing any peripheral device, power and Internet cables, or uninstalling unauthorized software and  disconnecting library computers.

The Library reserves the right to designate specific uses for individual computers. When there is high demand for using computers, time limits may be enforced; those not engaged in research or course-related activities may be asked to relinquish their computer to those needing use for research purposes.