How URLS provides Service

CODE OF ETHICS - All information transactions between library staff and users will be governed by the following standards:

Equity of Service: Library staff shall provide information service to all users without discrimination based on race, creed, gender, sexual preference, disability, age, ethnicity, and English language proficiency.

Professional Conduct:  All information transactions shall be conducted with professional courtesy, respect, and confidentiality.

Staffing:  The library shall recruit staff with requisite expertise, qualifications and commitment.  URLS shall at all times hire staff in proportion with the academic programmes offered, the user  population, the number of service points, and the hours during which services are offered.

Reference and information Service:  URLS staff shall attempt to provide complete, accurate, and timely information in response to all questions.

Librarian Competencies - All librarians shall attempt to adhere to the highest standards of knowledge and proficiency on:

  • Reference resources available
  • Library  holdings
  • Electronic resources
  • Library and  University of Rwanda policies
  • Emerging technologies
  • Services provided

Development and Training - Professional development is the ongoing responsibility of all librarians to maintain current skills, develop new skills, and to implement the information services needed in a constantly changing environment. To support this development URLS shall provide in-house training for librarians, encourage and support attendance at external  professional programs, and provide the appropriate equipment suitable for service at the highest level.

URLS will continue to provide workshops and other formal programs designed to help librarians keep abreast of new technologies and other advances and to maintain traditional skills at a high level. Such programs shall include both in-house and external experts. URLS will continue to foster an atmosphere of cordiality and collegiality that encourages colleagues to share their expertise with one another on a formal and informal basis.

Funding of Library activities and services:  The University of Rwanda shall provide and maintain adequate funding to facilitate the updating and purchase of new information materials to maintain growth in the existing and newly developed areas of study. To achieve this pu rpose, the UR shall set aside at least 10% of the total budget.