Choosing a journal

Choosing a journal  in which to publish  is  a crucial step  to the publishing process.

The quickest way to choose a journal is to take a look at which journals your peers publish in, or where the articles you cite are published.

Still, choosing a journal where to publish, can be a challenge when you are not yet familiar with the scientific journals within your field. Since some journals and publishers are considered "predatory", you may need to assess a journal before deciding to publish with them.

There is a register with evaluated journals which you can use: NSD - The Norwegian Centre for Research Data, maintains the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers. Search in this register to find journals from ordinary publication channels (level 1) and highly prestigious publication channels (level 2). If you can't find a journal in the Norwegian Register, you can try the guide and the checklist below to verify if the journal is to be trusted with your research.

Many manuscripts are rejected for not being in line with the journal's scope. Therefore, it is very important that researchers carefully choose the journal that is interested in the researcher's field to enable them reach their intended audience and increase chances of having your research results read and cited.

URLS staff is happy  to provide support  in choosing a journal for your research manuscripts.